Senegal Parrot: Bird Species Profile

August 3, 2020 By Bambang

The relatively little as well as multicolored Senegal is actually calm and also extremely silent. It can copy and speak, although it is actually certainly not the best respected talkers of the parrots. It has a loving, mirthful character; it’s comical tricks are actually lively and also amusing. This pleasant is actually additionally less costly than a lot of parrots and is a lot more largely offered in ordinary pet dog stores than most exotic birds.

Types Overview
USUAL NAMES: Senegal parrot, Sennies

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Poicephalus senegalus

ADULT SIZE: 10 inches in size, examining coming from 4 to 6 ounces

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 50 years, although 20 to 30 years is actually extra popular

Origin as well as History

The Senegal parrot is belonging to the woodlands of core western side Africa. The Poicephalus genus of parrots is actually a team that includes 10 varieties coming from core Africa, recognized by stocky physical bodies, short tails, and relatively big crowns as well as beaks.

The trade of these birds entraped in the wild is illegal; luckily, Senegals reproduce effectively in bondage. Potential proprietors often have easy discovering captive-bred animals.


Hand-fed Senegals create remarkable family pets and also are actually understood for being absurd and also engaging.

Most well-socialized Senegals have good-natured characters, yet potential owners need to know that Senegals tend to become “someone” birds and might certainly not intend interaction with other family members. While this is certainly not always correct, it performs happen occasionally. Having every one of the family members interacting with your Senegal will definitely aid make certain that this one-person bonding doesn’t occur.

Charming and extremely trainable, these little parrots possess a flair for being a terrific resource of entertainment as well as entertainment for their proprietors. While they are actually not nearly as popular as African greys or cockatiels, they have gained a track record as being actually a carefree as well as lively friend bird.

Speech and Vocalizations

Senegals may mimic and chat, although they tend to be substantially quieter than many various other parrots. Compared to various other parrots, they are not known for their talking potential, but they can easily learn to speak. They can discover to point out a couple of loads phrases.

All birds make noise. Senegals are actually not soundless; they are actually simply quieter (and also a lot less screechy) than other species of parrots. Their vocalizations are actually mostly sounding as well as clucking noises. A Senegal parrot might be the appropriate choice for you if you reside in a flat or if your space may certainly not allow a loud bird.

Senegal Parrot Colors as well as Markings

A striking feature of these charming little bit of birds is their dark head. Fully grown Senegals scalps are grey, and also their airfoils as well as breasts are fresh. On their stubborn bellies, they sport a V-shaped mend of shade ranging coming from orange and also yellow to reddish, relying on the subspecies.

There are pair of subspecies, the additional usual Poicephalus senegalus senegalus, which has a yellowish trunk vest; and P. s. versteri, which has a chest vest that is actually deep orange.

They are actually a monomorphic types, implying that Senegals of both sexual activities are identical in different colors. To inform the sexes apart, your bird would certainly need a surgical sexing technique or even a DNA exam.

Taking care of a Senegal Parrot

Because it is on the smaller measurements, a Senegal parrot performs certainly not need a substantial crate. The cage should, of training course, be actually more significant if you are always keeping 2 birds.

Equip the crate with several horizontal bars to serve as branches. Prospective managers should also organize to invest in a selection of playthings and devices for their birds. Senegals could be strong chewers, so it’s a really good suggestion to deliver all of them with playthings to exercise their beaks.

” Sennies” as they are affectionately described through a lot of managers, connection definitely along with their proprietors and also flourish on day-to-day communication with them. Those curious about having a Senegal should want to make time for handling and socialization along with the bird every day. Communication time is seldom a concern considering that these birds are actually commonly content to sit on your shoulder.

Common Health Problems

The major health problem for a Senegal as well as other Poicephalus parrots is Aspergillosis, an usual fungal disease in birds. Always keep the cage tidy, provide a balanced diet regimen, as well as keep stress to a lowest to reduce the probability of this disease.

Bornavirus is an additional contagious problem that can easily attack Senegal parrots. Owners must be mindful about enabling Senegal parrots to come right into call with other birds until properly sequestered.

Senegals may become overweight, particularly if they largely consume seeds and insufficient fresh vegetables and fruit.

Diet and Nutrition

In the wild, the Senegal parrot consumes usually fruit product, seeds, and blossoms. Senegals kept as pet dogs should consume a different diet plan including clean vegetables and fruits, healthy seeds including chia, hemp and flax seed, tree almonds, and also a high quality formulated pelleted diet. Typically, feed Senegals consume 1/4 cup of food items each day. Supply a seed/pellet formulated mix every morning. Provide as high as the bird is going to consume. Supplement pellet food along with vegetables and also fruits.

Consider bring in dice, which is a newly frosted diet regimen that you may know to create. It is actually a simple as well as practical approach of giving your Senegal with a wide range of veggies, grains, as well as vegetable protein.

As with any sort of companion bird, supply clean water in a tidy dish daily. Avoid offering an all-seed diet plan; this food selection is exceptionally harmful and also can lead to health problem or perhaps death coming from dietary deficiency.


A Senegal parrot needs to get at least 1 hour a day of outside-of-cage opportunity on a play stand or even another bird-safe region. Supply playthings like small foot toys, bells, balls, chewable leather, and also timber toys. These things will certainly receive your Senegal while away from its room. They really love to go up and could be very the little bit of performers. These birds will appreciate a range of swings, ladders, and also other toys to look into.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Senegal Parrot

If you believe a Senegal parrot could be the correct bird for you, get in touch with an adoption and also learning base or even parrot rescue as well as try to establish an appointment to visit one. You might locate a superb suit along with a bird that needs a house. The Senegal parrot is an easygoing pet dog that is actually less likely to be given up for fostering, some birds perform shed their residences due to unforeseen conditions. On average, breeders market Senegal parrots coming from $800 to $1,500.

On-line saves, fostering institutions, and breeders where you can discover Senegal parrots consist of:

  • Use a Pet
  • Ginger’s Parrots
  • Bird Breeders

Search for a bird that is actually vivid, alert, and energetic. Steer clear of a bird that is actually resting silently along with puffed plumes; it could be ill. The bird’s feathers must be bright as well as soft as well as put down standard on the body. The plumes around the vent/cloaca (position where bird expels feces and urine) need to be actually well-maintained, dry out, as well as devoid of feces. The ranges on the feets ought to lie. Be sure Its nails are in good condition, and Its beak is hassle-free and well-shaped. Its noes should be clean and also crystal clear.

A lot of well-socialized Senegals have pleasant personalities, however possible proprietors need to be actually conscious that Senegals possess an inclination to come to be “one individual” birds and also may certainly not desire communication with other loved ones members. A Senegal parrot may be actually the ideal selection for you if you live in a home or even if your room can easily not put up with a loud bird.

Proprietors should be actually cautious regarding enabling Senegal parrots to happen right into call with other birds till properly sequestered.

If you presume a Senegal parrot might be the best bird for you, hook up with an adopting and education structure or even parrot rescue and make an effort to specify a consultation to go to one. The Senegal parrot is actually a relaxed family pet that is much less most likely to be provided up for adoption, some birds carry out shed their residences as a result of to unexpected scenarios.

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