Lineolated Parakeet (Barred Parakeet)

August 3, 2020 By Bambang

The lineolated parakeet or even stopped parakeet, called for its great lines or stopped taggings, is actually one of the calmest and also quietest participants of the parrot household, making them suitable pet dogs. Sometimes mistaken for budgies, lineolated parakeets or even “linnies” are actually a bit stockier.

Variety Overview
COMMON NAMES: Lineolated parakeet, banned parakeet, Catherine parakeet, linnie

TAXONOMIC NAME: Bolborhynchus lineola

ADULT SIZE: 6 to 7 inches

LIFE SPAN: 10 years usually in bondage but may reach twenty years with proper care

Source as well as History

Lineolated parakeets of numerous subspecies live in the wilds of Mexico, Central America, and South America. In the wild, they live in groups of up to 20 birds.


When properly cared for as well as hand-fed as infants, lineolated parakeets build unexcitable as well as charming individuals. They are very social birds naturally, as well as they really love to hang around with (and resting on) their proprietors. About the same measurements as a budgie or lovebird, it often possesses a calmer character than either bird.

Recognized to create amusing little bit of pets, the highly social lineolated parakeet makes an incredibly amusing member of the family, consistently eager to hang out enjoying with its human flockmates. Any person considering adopting one of these birds need to make sure that they have a lot of time to invest connecting with their new animal, as lineolated parakeets birthed effortlessly and require enough regular play.

A lineolated parakeet’s organic call is actually practically song-like and also delicate. This intelligent species may discover to chat as well as whistle. Due to the fact that it is actually a quieter species, you can easily maintain a lineolated parakeet in a home or identical real estate where you possess close next-door neighbors.

Speech and Vocalizations

These fun birds are actually quieter than the majority of parakeets– they have a tendency to chatter rather than screech and could be incredibly able talkers, proclaiming accurately, though along with an extra restricted vocabulary than various other parrots. These birds are good at copying whistles and sounds.

Lineolated Parakeet Colors and Markings

Lineolated parakeets in the wild screen mainly green plumes covered along with sinister and also dark eco-friendly stripes on their segments, edges, and spines. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets can feature a range of color mutations– the plumes change shade after leaving behind the wild– featuring blue, cobalt, turquoise, and white.

Male and women are actually virtually identical, although cautious observers may notice that the dark red stripes are actually extra numerous on men.

Taking care of the Lineolated Parakeet

This is a tiny bird that does not require a large crate, although much bigger is actually consistently better. For a solitary lineolated parakeet, the basic minimum is actually a 24-inch square cage, provided you are giving the bird enough outside-the-cage opportunity on a daily basis. These birds also carry out fairly properly in aviary environments with various other linnies or relevant little varieties, however realize that tiny flocks might be actually a little loud.

They are certainly not infamous for damage, lineolated parakeets, like all parrot types, is going to chomp and bite, so supply your bird along with lots of appropriate bite toys and organic timber divisions that will definitely aid it distinguish when nibbling is reasonable.

Your lineolated parakeet should be actually allowed out of his cage to socialize with the family members for many hours on a daily basis. These birds like to walk about on furniture as well as floorings, and also some managers mention that the birds like to delve under quilts as well as textiles.

Like various other parrots, the lineolated parakeet may look at a problematic adolescent time frame where they attack and bite, however this soon passes as well as is actually normally very little of a trouble, as the birds aren’t large sufficient to perform serious damage. This adolescent time period soon offers and also passes technique to an adorable pet dog.

The nails on a lineolated parakeet expand rather fast and are going to require normal trimming down. Produce sure your bird can dry and preen off in a room that is certainly not drafty.

Common Health Problems

Lineolated parakeets and budgies are at risk to several of the very same conditions as other parrot types, as well as these are actually usually deadly in such small birds where procedure is difficult.

Nonetheless, a lot of various other issues along with little parrots including linnies as well as budgies may be vitamin shortages, which could be alleviated and also protected against by ensuring the diet is diverse and consists of clean fruit and vegetables, not merely seeds.

Parakeets are actually especially vulnerable to fatty cysts, and a lot of pros recommend feeding these tiny birds grew seeds as a preventive measure.

Diet regimen and Nutrition

In the wild, this bird consumes various seeds, pests, fruits, as well as larvae. Similar to any hookbill species kept as a pet, it is important to see to it that imprisoned lineolated parakeets are actually fed a diet regimen of high quality seed and pellet mix, along with a wide array of bird-safe fresh fruits and vegetables.

A bird will definitely eat up to 1 tablespoon of food per day. Promotion new vegetables and fruits intermittent day, alongside its seed as well as pellet mix. Likewise, supply even more vegetables than fruit products. Fruit products canister at times lead to digestive system problems. Reduced back on the frequency of the fruits if you discover watery feces.

Lineolated parakeets delight in fresh sprouts as well as spray millet. Offer calcium mineral such as a cuttlebone or even a mineral block.

Physical exercise

Lineolated parakeets are actually incredibly active birds that devote a considerable amount of electricity in the wild having fun and connecting with their flockmates, foraging for food, and also seeing to it that predators are actually certainly not targeting all of them.

In general, a lineolated parakeet needs 3 to 4 hrs of out-of-cage play daily to obtain enough workout. Possible proprietors ought to ensure that they may monitor their birds in a safe, bird-proofed region in the course of these play sessions.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Lineolated Parakeet

Dog breeders offer lineolated parakeets in the range of $200 to $300. You may likewise locate this bird via saving or even fostering companies. If you’re going the breeder path, see to it that the dog breeder is credible by inquiring how much time they’ve been breeding as well as working with the varieties.

Make certain that the bird you want to take home looks out, active, and shows all the indicators of a healthy and balanced bird, including vivid eyes, tidy feathers, and also complete plants. Rescues, adopting institutions, and also breeders where you may discover lineolated parakeets feature:

  • Lineolated Parakeet Society breeder list
  • Use a Pet
  • Bird Breeders

The lineolated parakeet or barred parakeet, called for its fine lines or even prevented taggings, is one of the calmest as well as quietest participants of the parrot family, creating them optimal pets. Given that it is actually a quieter types, you can easily maintain a lineolated parakeet in a flat or even identical property where you have close neighbors.

Lineolated parakeets in the untamed screen mostly green feathers overlaid with black as well as dark environment-friendly stripes on their parts, sides, as well as backs. Captive-bred lineolated parakeets can easily present a collection of different colors mutations– the plumes modify shade after leaving the untamed– including blue, cobalt, turquoise, as well as white colored.

For a singular lineolated parakeet, the basic minimum required is a 24-inch square cage, offered you are offering the bird plenty of outside-the-cage opportunity each day.